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Since commercial methods for extracting lignans from flax are now available, it is possible for food and supplement companies to add lignans to their products. While consumers knew that flax was the richest source of lignans, they weren't sure of the amount of lignans in the flax products they were buying...until now. Companies are now able to make products with flax lignans and guarantee a standardized lignan content in a number of dietary supplements, multi-vitamins and health product formulas.

For those that prefer a supplement over ground flaxseed or oil, flaxseed lignan supplements are now readily available in health food stores. When choosing a flax lignan supplement, read the ingredient label carefully to ensure you are choosing the right product for your health needs. Check to make sure you are getting a lignan-rich product derived from flax hulls and take notice of the lignan amount.

Lignan-rich supplements:

Flora - Flax Lignans 
GNC - High Lignan Flax Seed Oil
Health from the Sun - The Total EFA
Jarrow Formulas - Ultra Bone-Up 
Jarrow Formulas - Flax Essence 
Jarrow Formulas - Flax Max Softgels 
Jarrow Formulas - Prostate Optimizer 
Jarrow Formulas - Women's MidlifeEase  
Reflex Nutrition - LinumLife 
Reflex Nutrition - Progen 
Reflex Nutrition - Quattro 
Source Naturals - Lignan Extract
Swanson - LinumLife High Lignan Complex 
Swanson - OatVantage 
Vitacost - LinumLife Flax Seed Lignans


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